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Wolfgang Achtziger

Topology Optimization of Discrete/Discretized Structures: On Limiting Displacements in Designs with Singular Stiffness Matrix and Some Implications on Optimality Conditions

Wolfgang Achtziger


Byungseong Ahn

Simultaneous design of a loading location and structure by topology optimization

Sung Kyu Kwak, Byungseong Ahn, Suh In Kim, Yoon Young Kim


Joe Alexandersen

Topology optimisation of passive coolers for light-emitting diode lamps

Joe Alexandersen, Ole Sigmund, Niels Aage


Mahmoud Alfouneh

MIST Topology Optimization for Bending Plates-Statically

Mahmoud Alfouneh, Liyong Tong


Ricardo Cesare Roman Amigo

Design of Functionally Graded Adsorption Beds for Gas Storage

Ricardo Cesare Roman Amigo, R.W. Hewson, E.C.N. Silva


Oded Amir

An alternative approach for satisfying stress constraints in continuum topology optimization using nonlinear material modeling

Oded Amir


Kaveh Amouzgar

Multi-objective optimization of material model parameters of an adhesive layer by using SPEA2

Kaveh Amouzgar, Mirza Cenanovic, Kent Salomonsson


Haichao An

Laminate Stacking Sequence Optimization Considering Multiple Structural Cases with Two-Level Approximations and GA

Haichao An, Shenyan Chen, Hai Huang


G. K. Ananthasuresh

Topology and Size Optimization of Modular Ribs in Aircraft Wings

A. Rinku, G. K. Ananthasuresh


Erik Andreassen

Extremely large-scale topology optimization

Erik Andreassen, Niels Aage, Boyan S. Lazarov, Ole Sigmund


Erik Andreassen

Optimal microstructures

Erik Andreassen, Ole Sigmund


Masao Arakawa

Zooming in Surrogate Optimization Using Convolute RBF

Masao Arakawa


Yoyong Arfiadi

Cross Sections and Prestressing Forces Optimizations of Prestressed Concrete Beams

Yoyong Arfiadi, Alfian Wiranata Zebua


Hideyuki Azegami

Shape derivative formula of domain integral type

Hideyuki Azegami, Kenzen Takeuchi, Yusuke Naritomi


Vladimir Balabanov

Common Automotive and Aerospace Requirements for Commercial Structural Optimization Software

Vladimir Balabanov, Rodney Dreisbach, Steve Georgiadis, Moritz Frenzel, Daniel Heiserer, David Keller, Markus Schemat


Kirill A. Balunov

Method of Variable Transformation for Topology Optimization with Clear Boundary Shape

Vladimir V. Uskov, Kirill A. Balunov


Anirban Basudhar

Multi-objective Optimization Using Adaptive Explicit Non-dominated Region Sampling

Anirban Basudhar


Anna-Lena Beger

Application of a Multi-Objective Optimization Approach on Sandwich Structures

Liliane Ngahane Nana, Thomas Fieder, Anna-Lena Beger*, Jörg Feldhusen


Anna-Lena Beger

Tailored natural components – functional geometry and topology optimization of technical grown plants

Anna-Lena Beger, Manuel Löwer, Jörg Feldhusen, Jürgen Prell, Alexandra Wormit, Björn Usadel, Christoph Kämpfer, Thomas-Benjamin Seiler, Henner Hollert, Franziska Moser, Martin Trautz


Ashok D. Belegundu

A fast fixed point algorithm for topology optimization with multiple loading conditions

Ashok D. Belegundu


José C. Bellido

Peridynamics and topology optimization

José C. Bellido


Kalyan Shankar Bhattacharjee

A Novel Constraint Handling Strategy for Expensive Optimization Problems

Kalyan Shankar Bhattacharjee, Tapabrata Ray


Kai-Uwe Bletzinger

Form finding by shape optimization with the Vertex Morphing Method – About the equivalence of sensitivity filtering and standard spline models

Kai-Uwe Bletzinger, Majid Hojjat, Electra Stavropoulou


Christopher James Brampton

A hole insertion method for sequential linear programming level-set topology optimisation

Christopher J. Brampton, Peter D Dunning, H. Alicia Kim


Piotr Breitkopf

Shape manifold learning for optimization and inverse analysis

Piotr Breitkopf


Loïc Brevault

Multi-level hierarchical MDO formulation with functional coupling satisfaction under uncertainty, application to sounding rocket design

Loïc Brevault, Mathieu Balesdent, Nicolas Bérend, Rodolphe Le Riche


Timothy Ryan Brooks

High-fidelity Structural Optimization of a Tow-steered Composite Wing

Timothy Brooks, John T. Hwang, Graeme J. Kennedy, Joaquim R. R. A. Martins


Xiwen Cai

An efficient sequential sampling approach based on cross-validation for deterministic computer simulations

Xiwen Cai , Haobo Qiu, Liang Gao


Josephine V. Carstensen

New algorithms for considering manufacturing constraints in topology optimization

Josephine V. Carstensen, Andrew T. Gaynor, James K. Guest


Josephine V. Carstensen

Topology Optimization of Cellular Materials for Properties Governed by Nonlinear Mechanics

Josephine V. Carstensen, Reza Lotfi, James K. Guest


Christopher Chahine

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of an Aero-Engine Fan Blade with Consideration of Bypass and Core Performance

Christopher Chahine, Tom Verstraete, Li He


Che-Cheng Chang

Design and topology optimisation of fractal vasculature

Che-Cheng Chang, Shiwei Zhou, Qing Li


Vasily Chedrik

Structural design of aircraft wing based on topology and global-local optimization

Vasily Chedrik, Sergey Tuktarov


Wei Chen

Characterization and Optimization of Quasi-Random Nanophotonic Structures with Intrinsic Robustness against Fabrication Defects

Shuangcheng Yu, Chen Wang, Zhen Jiang, Cheng Sun, Wei Chen


Yuhang Chen

Fluid-structure interaction and Optimization-based Approach for Homogenization of Soft Tissue Viscoelasticity

Behnam Esfandiar Jahromi, Javier Palacio-Torralba, Frank Yntema, Robert L. Reuben, Yuhang Chen


Long Chen

Optimization based on complex B-spline solid

Long Chen, Jianwei Gao, Yingying Wang


Ding Chen

Simulation Study on the Prediction of Dangerous Conditions for Occupant in a Running Vehicle Equipped with Airbag

Weigang Zhang, Ding Chen


Shenyan Chen

Structural Design and Topology Optimization of a University Micro-satellite

Shenyan Chen, Jing Guo


Junning Chen

Three-Dimensional Contact Shape Optimization and Free-Form Fabrication for Removable Partial Dentures: A New Paradigm for Prosthetic CAD/CAM

Junning Chen, Rohana Ahmad, Hanako Suenaga, Wei Li, Michael Swain, Qing Li


Ning Chen

Topology optimization of structures with interval random parameters

Ning Chen, Dejie Yu , Baizhan Xia, Jian Liu


Gengdong Cheng

Two-scale design optimization of bending plate made of lattice or foam material subject to buckling constraint

Gengdong Cheng, Jun Yan, Liang Xu


Kok-Hon Chew

Fatigue Sensitivity Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Structures

Kok-Hon Chew, Michael Muskulus, Srikanth Narasimalu, Kang Tai, E.Y.K. Ng


Myung-Jin Choi

A Mesh Regularization Scheme for Updating Internal Control Points in Isogeometric Shape Optimization

Myung-Jin Choi, Seonho Cho


Dong-Hoon Choi

An efficient constraint handling method using a polynomial regression model

Gyu-Byung Park, Se Jung Lee, Dong-Hoon Choi


Wook-han Choi

Comparison of some commercial software systems for structural optimization

Wook-Han Choi, Cheng-Guo Huang, Jong-Moon Kim, Gyung-Jin Park


Joo Ho Choi

Parameter estimation of the electrochemical model in Li-ion battery with polynomial-based surrogate model

Joo Ho Choi, Jaewook Lee, Wooseok Sung


Kyung K. Choi

Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Wind Turbine Blades for Fatigue Life under Wind Load Uncertainty

Weifei Hu, Kyung K. Choi, Hyunkyoo Cho, Nicholas J. Gaul, Olesya I. Zhupanska


Souma Chowdhury

A Visually-Informed Decision-Making Platform for Wind Farm Layout Optimization

Souma Chowdhury, Weiyang Tong, Ali Mehmani, Achille Messac


Rasmus Ellebæk Christiansen

Creating Materials with Negative Refraction Index using Topology Optimization

Rasmus Ellebæk Christiansen, Ole Sigmund


Anders Clausen

Topology optimization for coated structures and material interface problems

Anders Clausen, Erik Andreassen, Ole Sigmund


Pedro Gonçalves Coelho

Convergence analysis of full elastic tensors to homogenization predictions in periodic composite material design

Pedro Gonçalves Coelho, L.D. Amiano, J.M. Guedes, H.C. Rodrigues


Andrew D. Cramer

Microstructure interpolation for macroscopic design with application to bone prosthetics

Andrew D. Cramer, Vivien J. Challis, Anthony P. Roberts


Raj Das

Fatigue life optimisation of damage tolerant structures using design space exploration

Raj Das, Rhys Jones


Yi-min Deng

Optimization of packing pressure profile for minimization of multiple injection molding defects

Yi-Min Deng, Guo-Fu Li


Onur Deniz

Production Based Multicriteria Design Optimization of an Unconventional Composite Fuselage Side Panel by Evolutionary Strategies and Surrogate Models of Manufacturability Analysis

Onur Deniz, Peter Horst, Carsten Schmidt


Alejandro R. Diaz

A Computational Platform for Optimal Design of Deformable Polyhedral Structures

Alejandro R. Diaz, Kazuko Fuchi


Robert Dienemann

Topology optimization considering the requirements of deep-drawn sheet metals

Robert Dienemann, Axel Schumacher, Sierk Fiebig


Xiaohong Ding

Design Optimization Method of Machine Tool Pedestal Structures

Xiaohong Ding, Heng Zhang, Xiaohu Dong


Jaehyeok Doh

Reliability Based Design Optimization Using Bayesian Reliability Neural Networks

Jaehyeok Doh, Jongsoo Lee


Alberto Donoso

Topology optimization of piezo modal transducers with null-polarity phases

Alberto Donoso, Ole Sigmund


Suguang Dou

Two methods for gradient-based optimization in nonlinear structural dynamics

Suguang Dou, Jakob S. Jensen


Jianbin Du

Reliability-based microstructural topology design with respect to vibro-acoustic criteria

Jianbin Du, Chuangchuang Sun


Libin Duan

Lightweight design of vehicle structure with tailor rolled blank under crashworthiness

Libin Duan, Guangyong Sun, Junjia Cui, Tao Chen, Guangyao Li


Peter D. Dunning

Multiscale topology optimization using constraint coordination

Peter D Dunning, H Alicia Kim


Pierre Duysinx

Topology optimization of mechanical and aerospace components subject to fatigue stress constraints

Pierre Duysinx, Maxime Collet, Simon Bauduin, Emmanuel Tromme, Lise Noel, Matteo Bruggi


Ali Enterazi

Optimization of bone tissue scaffolds fabricated by robocasting technique

Ali Entezari, Zhongpu Zhang, Junning Chen, Qing Li


Rebecca Evans

Transfer effects for stress optimal shapes between design codes and from design to NC manufacture

Rebecca Evans, Xiaobo Yu, Manfred Heller


Anton Evgrafov

State space topology optimization method for non-selfadjoint problems in fluid mechanics

Anton Evgrafov


Jikai Fan

Improvement researches on involute tooth profile

Jikai Fan, Youmin Hu, Yanlei Li, Xiong Jing, Xiaokun Duan


Jianguang Fang

Multiobjective optimization of multi-cell tubes with functional graded thickness

Jianguang Fang, Yunkai Gao, Guangyong Sun, Qing Li


Zhiwei Feng

Efficient Aerodynamic Optimization Using a Multiobjective Optimization Based Framework to Balance the Exploration and Exploitation

Zhiwei Feng, Tao Yang, Jianquan Ge, Qiangang Tang, Yang Ma


Sierk Fiebig

Future challenges for topology optimization for the usage in automotive lightweight design technologies

Sierk Fiebig, Jürgen Sellschopp, Holger Manz, Thomas Vietor, Joachim K. Axmann, Axel Schumacher


Moritz Frenzel

Multidisciplinary optimization and integration requirements for large-scale automotive and aerospace design work

Moritz Frenzel, Daniel Heiserer, David Keller, Markus Schemat, Vladimir Balabanov, Rodney Dreisbach, Steve Georgiadis


Zhifang Fu

A Novel Anti-optimization Method for Structural Robust Design under Uncertain Loads

Zhifang Fu, Chunjie Wang, Junpeng Zhao


Garuda Fujii

Topology optimized carpet cloak by means of a level set based topology optimization

Garuda Fujii, Masayuki Nakamura


Manuel Julio García-Ruiz

Shape Optimisation of a Gas Injector

Ruber Arley Ruiz-Mesa, Manuel Julio García-Ruiz


Andrew T. Gaynor

Eliminating Support Material in Additive Manufacturing: A Projection-Based Approach for Maximum Overhang Constraints

Andrew T. Gaynor, James K. Guest


Jianquan Ge

Research on Integrated Design and Optimization for Hypersonic-Glide Vehicle

Jianquan Ge, Longyun Chen, Bin Zhang, Lei Wang


Hae Chang Gea

Topology Optimization with Non-probabilistic Load Uncertainty

Wei Song, Euihark Lee, Hae Chang Gea


Laurent Genest

Shape optimization method for crashworthiness design based on Equivalent Static Loads concept

Laurent Genest, Louis Jézéquel, Frédéric Gillot, Frédéric Mercier


Kazem Ghabraie

An improvement technique for Bi-directional Evolutionary Structural optimisation (BESO) method

Kazem Ghabraie


Frederic Nicolas Gillot

Robust shape optimization under vibroacoustic criteria and uncertain parameters

Frédéric Gillot, Renata Troian, Koji Shimoyama, Sebastien Besset


Christian Gogu

On the fly construction of reduced order models for topology optimization

Christian Gogu


Seongyeol Goo

Structural topology optimization with eigenvalue and stress constraints using ANSYS

Seongyeol Goo, Jaeyub Hyun, Jasoon Jung, Semyung Wang


Ramana V. Grandhi

Sensitivity Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interactions Simulated With Immersed Boundary Approach

Ramana V. Grandhi, Koorosh Gobal


Jannis Greifenstein

Design optimization with anisotropic materials in the context of additive manufacturing

Jannis Greifenstein, Michael Stingl


Paolo Guarneri

An efficient parallel coordination method for decomposition based optimization using two duality theorems

Meng Xu, Georges Fadel, Margaret M. Wiecek, Paolo Guarneri


Paolo Guarneri

Tradeoff exploration in decomposition-based optimization

Paolo Guarneri, Margaret M. Wiecek


José Miranda Guedes

Piezoelectric Material Tailoring for Vibrations Energy Harvesters Power Optimization

Agostinho Martins Matos, J.M. Guedes, K.P. Jayachandran, H.C. Rodrigues


Thomas Guess

Coupled Two-Scale Material Optimization for Lattice Structures using different upscaling techniques

Thomas Guess, Michael Stingl, Fabian Wein


James K. Guest

A Multi-Material Topology Optimization Algorithm for Continuum (and other) Structures

James K. Guest


Xu Guo

Doing Topology Optimization Explicitly and Geometrically—A New Moving Morphable Components Based Framework

Xu Guo, Weisheng Zhang, Jian Zhang, Wenliang Zhong


Seung-Hyun Ha

Design and Simulation for 3-D Woven Lattice Structures

Seung-Hyun Ha, Longyu Zhao, Yong Zhang, Stephen Ryan, Keith Sharp, Kevin Hemker, Tim Weihs, James Guest


Youn Doh Ha

Isogeometric shape optimization of general curved geometry: generalized shape sensitivity analysis in curvilinear coordinates and shell applications

Youn Doh Ha


Jing Han

Optimization of Pulsating Blank Holder Force for Deep Drawing of Cylindrical Cups

Jing Han, Shinji Natsume, Satoshi Kitayama, Koetsu Yamazaki, Hiroaki Uchida


Insik Han

TV packaging optimization of the frontal drop impact using equivalent static loads

Insik Han, Youngmyung Lee, Gyung-Jin Park


Kazuyuki Hanahara

Structural Damage Identification by Means of Neural Network

Kazuyuki Hanahara, Yukio Tada


Peng Hao

Reliability-Based Optimum Design of Stiffened Panels under Multi-source Uncertainties

Peng Hao, Bo Wang, Gang Li, Zeng Meng


Linwei He

Use of geometry optimization to rationalize layout optimized trusses

Linwei He, Matthew Gilbert


Saeid Hedayatrasa

Novel approach in topology optimization of porous plate structures for phononic bandgaps of flexural waves

Saeid Hedayatrasa, Kazem Abhary, Mohammad Uddin, Ching-Tai Ng


Alexander Held

Topology Optimization of Members of Dynamically Loaded Flexible Multibody Systems using Integral Type Objective Functions and Exact Gradients

Alexander Held, Sven Knüfer, Robert Seifried


Manfred Heller

Overview and lessons from recent applications of rework shape optimisation for aircraft structural life extension: 2005 -2015

Manfred Heller, Xiaobo Yu, And Ron Wescott


Namjoon Heo

Structural optimization for cloaking effect using dielectric material based on the phase field method

Namjoon Heo, Jeonghoon Yoo


Shujuan Hou

Study on Energy Absorption Characteristics of Corrugated Sandwich Panels

Shujuan Hou, Xu Han, Qing Li


Yijie Hu

Mode Identification Applied in Size Optimization with Frequency Constraints

Shenyan Chen, Yijie Hu


Guanxin Huang

Reanalysis based Geometrical Optimization and Applications in Structure Designs

Guanxin Huang, Congyi Zhang, Hu Wang, Guoping Wang, Guangyao Li


Jaeyub Hyun

Design and Homogenization of the Acoustic Metamaterial using the Boundary Field Averaging & Its Applications

Jaeyub Hyun, Semyung Wang


Kenichi Ikeya

Multi-objective Free-form Optimization for Shape and Thickness of Shell Structures with Composite Materials

Kenichi Ikeya, Masatoshi Shimoda


Makoto Ito

Parameter estimation method using Bayesian statistics considering uncertainty of information for RBDO

Makoto Ito, Nozomu Kogiso


Hong-Lae Jang

Design Sensitivity Analysis of Molecular Dynamics Considering NVT Ensemble

Hong-Lae Jang, Hyun-Seok Kim, Jae-Hyun Kim, Song-Hyun Cha, Youmie Park, Seonho Cho


In Gwun Jang

Layout optimization of the secondary coils for wireless power transfer systems

Seung Beop Lee, In Gwun Jang


Junyong Jang

Non-parametric approach for uncertainty-based multidisciplinary design optimization considering discrete information

Su-Gil Cho, Junyong Jang, Shinyu Kim, Sanghyun Park, Minuk Lee, Jong-Su Choi, Hyung-Woo Kim, Sup Hong, Tae Hee Lee


Gang-Won Jang

Topology optimization of industrial robots considering system-level performance

Gang-Won Jang, Byung Jun Kim, Jae Young Lee, Jin Gyun Park


Karoly Jarmai

Solving Multiple Tour Multiple Traveling Salesman Problem With Evolutionary Programming

László Kota, Karoly Jarmai


Karoly Jarmai

Welded cellular cylindrical shell – a new structural solution for the optimum design of a cantilever column

Jozsef Farkas, Karoly Jarmai


Kristian E. Jensen

Optimising Topology Optimisation with Anisotropic Mesh Adaptation

Kristian E. Jensen


Sarah Julisson

A Novative Optimal Shape Design Based on an Iso-geometric Approach : Application to Optimisation of Surface Shapes With Discontinuous Curvature

Sarah Julisson, Christian Fourcade, Paul De Nazelle, Laurent Dumas


Youngsuk Jung

Structural Optimization for Improving Local Dynamic Stiffness of Automotive Body Structure

Youngsuk Jung, Seungjae Min, Jungho Kim, Kyungwon Lee, Changkun Lee, Yongsuk Kim


Jaesoon Jung

Topology optimization of membrane-type acoustic metamaterial for low frequency sound attenuation

Jaesoon Jung, Jaeyub Hyun, Semyung Wang


Seongbin Kang

Accuracy Improvement of MPP-Based Dimension Reduction Method Using the Eigenvectors of the Hessian Matrix

Seongbin Kang, Ikjin Lee, Jongmin Lim


Seok Won Kang

Topology Optimization of Planar Linkage Systems having Various Joint Types

Seok Won Kang, Suh In Kim, Yoon Young Kim


Zhan Kang

Topology optimization using mesh-independent point-wise density interpolation

Zhan Kang, Yiqiang Wang


Yoshihiro Kanno

Truss Topology Optimization under Constraints on Number of Different Design Variables

Yoshihiro Kanno


Junji Kato

Multiscale topology optimization for hyperelastic material

Junji Kato, Daishun Yachi, Hiroya Hoshiba, Kenjiro Terada, Takashi Kyoya


Atsushi Kawamoto

Level set-based optimization using automated solutions of partial differential equations

Atsushi Kawamoto, Tsuyoshi Nomura, Tsuguo Kondoh, Shinji Nishiwaki


Heeseong Kim

A Study on the Statistical Calibration and Validation of Computational Model of Pyrotechnically Actuated Devices

Hee Seong Kim, Joo Ho Choi


Seongmin Kim

Case Study of Queue Growth Equalization for Urban Traffic Signal Optimization

Seongmin Kim, Jihye Byun, Kitae Jang, In Gwun Jang


Jong Ho Kim

Dual-mode Operation of the Finger-type Manipulator Based on Distributed Actuation Mechanism

Jong Ho Kim, Young June Shin, Sung-Hwan Kim,In Gwun Jang


Nam H. Kim

Experience with Several Multi-fidelity Surrogate Frameworks

Chanyoung Park, Raphael T. Haftka, Nam H. Kim


Nam-Ho Kim

Load-Path Design and Control Using Topology Optimization

Soobum Lee, Nam-Ho Kim, James Joo


Jung Jin Kim

Localized resolution enhancement of skeletal images based on topology optimization

Jung Jin Kim, In Gwun Jang


Dongjin Kim

The electrode shape optimization method for cell sorting applications based on dielectrophoresis

Dongjin Kim, Yiseul Kim, Byungkyu Kim, Jaewook Lee


Yoon Young Kim

Topology optimization of 3D suspension linkage system of an automobile by using work transmittance efficiency based mechanism synthesis formulation

Yoon Young Kim, Suh In Kim, Byungseong Ahn, Seok Won Kang, Yong-Sub Yi, Joonhong Park


Cheol Kim

Topology Optimum Design of a Commercial Vehicle Coupling Structure Considering Sliding Frictional and Driving Loads

Seungyoon Lee, Cheol Kim, Namjin Jeon


Michael Kirschneck

Structural Dynamic Topology Optimization of a Direct-Drive Single Bearing Wind Turbine Generator

Michael Kirschneck, H. Polinder, R.A.J. Van Ostayen, F.C.M. Van Kempen, D.J. Rixen


Satoshi Kitayama

Simultaneous optimization of initial blank shape and blank holder force trajectory for square cup deep drawing using sequential approximate optimization

Satoshi Kitayama, Marina Saikyo, Kiichiro Kawamoto, Ken Yamamichi


Cesar Yukishigue Kiyono

Topology optimisation for stress-based problems applied to laminated composite structures

Cesar Yukishigue Kiyono, Junuthula N. Reddy, E.C.N. Silva


Masakazu Kobayashi

Optimal design of a wheelchair suspension based on a compliant mechanism

Masakazu Kobayashi


Schalk Kok

Optimizing snap-through structures by using gradient-only algorithms

Schalk Kok, Daniel N Wilke


Shintaro Kosaka

Shape Optimization Method of Shell Structures Concerned with Material and Geometrical Nonlinearity

Shintaro Kosaka, Masatoshi Shimoda


Moacir Kripka

Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Frames by Harmony Search Method

Moacir Kripka, Deise Boito, Juliana Triches, Guilherme Fleith De Medeiros


Erin Kuci

Direct and Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis of Nonlinear Magnetostatic System: Application to Shape Optimization of Electrical Machines

Erin Kuci, Christophe Geuzaine, Patrick Dular, Pierre Duysinx


Andrew Borean Lambe

Structural and Aerostructural Design of Aircraft Wings with a Matrix-Free Optimizer

Andrew B. Lambe, Joaquim R. R. A. Martins


Timothée Leblond

Gradient-based optimization of parameterized CAD geometries

Timothée Leblond, Pierre Froment, Paul De Nazelle, Reda Sellakh, Philippe Serré, Gaël Chevallier


Youngmyung Lee

Crash Optimization of Automobile Frontal and Side Structures Using Equivalent Static Loads

Youngmyung Lee, Jin-Seok Ahn, Gyung-Jin Park


Ikjin Lee

Enhanced second-order reliability method and stochastic sensitivity analysis using importance sampling

Jongmin Lim, Byungchai Lee, Ikjin Lee


Seung-Wook Lee

Isogeometric Topology Optimization using dual evolution of boundary element method and Level-set method

Seung-Wook Lee, Minho Yoon, Seonho Cho


Dooho Lee

Parameterization Scheme in a Large Automotive NVH Model for Statistical Validation

Dooho Lee, Jong-Hyun Kwon, Hyun-Seok Kim


Hak Yong Lee

Shape Optimization of a Nanoparticle for Plasmonic Enhancement in a Small Gap

Hak Yong Lee, Jeonghoon Yoo


Jong Wook Lee

Structural optimization of dynamic system considering the fatigue life in frequency domain

Jong Wook Lee, Gil Ho Yoon, Seung Hyun Jeong, Jun Hwan Kim


Kangwon Lee

Three-dimensional Light Weight Design of Robot Parts Using the Topology Optimization Method

Kangwon Lee, Chan-Yul Jung, Seung-Jong Kim, Takayuki Yamada, Kazuhiro Izui, Shinji Nishiwaki, Jeonghoon Yoo


Jaewook Lee

Topology optimization of vibration energy harvesters using electromagnetic induction

Jaewook Lee, Sang Won Yoon


Jaan Lellep

Optimization of elastic plastic plates of piecewise constant thickness

Jaan Lellep, Julia Polikarpus, Boriss Vlassov


Tomasz Lewiński

Topology optimization of continuum structures made of non-homogeneous materials of isotropic or cubic symmetry

Sławomir Czarnecki, Radosław Czubacki, Tomasz Lewiński, Paweł Wawruch


Xiaoke Li

A Modified Adaptive Sampling Method for Reliability-Based Design Optimization Using SVM Model

Xiaoke Li, Haobo Qiu, Liang Gao, Wei Li


Zheng Li

A multiple points Infill sampling criteria based on Kriging meta model

Zheng Li, Shilun Ruan, Changyu Shen


Zhaojun Li

A Parallel Optimization Method Based on Kriging Model

Zhaojun Li, Xicheng Wang


Ming Li

Design optimization in stretchable electronics: from straight to curvilinear, from curvilinear to complex

Ming Li, Zhan Kang, Tengfei Zhao


Tianjian Li

Multidisciplinary Design and Analysis of the Direct Drive Aerostatic Slideway

Tianjian Li, Xiaohong Ding, Kai Cheng


Weihua Li

Optimal design of a double coil magnetorheological fluid damper with various piston profiles

Guoliang Hu, Zheng Xie, Weihua Li


Wenjun Li

Stability-ensured topology optimization of boom structures with stress constraints

Wenjun Li, Qicai Zhou, Zhen Jiang, Wei Chen


Yangfan Li

Topology optimization of two-dimensional phononic band gap crystals based on BESO methods

Yangfan Li, Xiaodong Huang, Fei Meng, Shiwei Zhou


Haojie Lian

Combined Topology and Shape Optimization with the DSC method for Stokes Flow Problems

Haojie Lian, Ole Sigmund


Haojie Lian

Combined Topology and Shape Optimization with the DSC method for Stress Constraint Problems

Haojie Lian, Asger N. Christiansen, Daniel A. Tortorelli, Niels Aage, Ole Sigmundhaojie Lian, Asger N. Christiansen, Daniel A. Tortorelli, Niels Aage, Ole Sigmund


Xuan Liang

Integrated multi-scale vibro-acoustic topology optimization of structure and material

Xuan Liang, Jianbin Du


Sunghoon Lim

Integrated Performance Optimization for Wheeled Combat Vehicle by Using Model-Based Design Approach

Sunghoon Lim, Woochul Lim, Dong-Min Kim, Seungjae Min, Tae Hee Lee, Jung-Pyo Hong


Woochul Lim

Reliability-Based Design Optimization of BIW Considering Variable Uncertainty of Thickness

Woochul Lim, Junyong Jang, Shinyu Kim, Tae Hee Lee, Jungho Kim, Kyungwon Lee, Changkun Lee, Yongsuk Kim


Sen Lin

Buckling of reversible-spherical shells: the retraction affected by the shape of aperture

Sen Lin, Shiwei Zhou, Mike Xie


Po Ting Lin

Utilization of Gaussian Kernel Reliability Analyses in the Gradient-based Transformed Space for Design Optimization with Arbitrarily Distributed Design Uncertainties

Po Ting Lin


Baoshan Liu

Acoustic radiation and sensitivity analysis of a random excited structure based on FEM/IBEM combined with PEM

Baoshan Liu, Liyong Tong


Zhenyu Liu

Optimization of nano-photonic devices based on transformation optics method

Zhenyu Liu, Yinghui Cao, Yongmin Liu


Yanjie Liu

Stacking Sequence Optimization of Composite Corrugated Bearing Cylinder with Two-level Approximation and GA

Yanjie Liu, Shenyan Chen, Haichao An, Hai Huang, Haiquan Ma, Feng Gao, Gang Bai


Shutian Liu

Topology optimization for designing shapes and layouts of inclusion in viscoelastic materials

Shutian Liu, Wenjiong Chen


Janos Logo

On the optimal design of curved folded plates with multiple loading

Janos Logo, Bence Balogh


Danny John Lohan

Topology Optimization for Heat Conduction Using Generative Design Algorithms

Danny J. Lohan, Ercan M. Dede, James T. Allison


Dingjie Lu

Surface Effect on Nanoscale Structure: A Numerical Study in terms of Young-Laplace Equation

Dingjie Lu, Mike Xie, Qing Li, Xiaodong Huang, Shiwei Zhou


Erik Lund

Filter Based Discrete Material and Thickness Optimization of Laminated Composite Structures

Erik Lund, René Sørensen


Zhen Luo

Integrated design of cellular materials and structures using the topological shape optimization

Hao Li, Zhen Luo, Liang Gao


Jose F. Aguilar Madeira

Solving Multiobjective Optimization Problems with Direct MultiSearch

Jose F. Aguilar Madeira


Laura Mainini

Data-driven dynamic structural assessment from sparse sensor data

Laura Mainini, Karen Willcox


Miguel A.A.S. Matos

Sizing Optimization for Industrial Applications

Miguel A.A.S. Matos, Peter M. Clausen, Claus B.W. Pedersen


Kurt Maute

On the influence of interface models on the optimum layout of multi-component structures and material systems

Matthew Lawry, Reza Behrou, Kurt Maute


Yasser M. Meddaikar

Blended Composite Optimization combining Stacking Sequence Tables and a Modified Shepard’s Method

Yasser M. Meddaikar, François-Xavier Irisarri, Mostafa M. Abdalla


Rob E. Melchers

Data based materials numerical modelling for FPSO safety and reliability optimization

Rob E Melchers, Andrew E. Potts


Fei Meng

A new topology optimization algorithm for photonic band gap structures

Fei Meng, Xiaodong Huang, Baohua Jia


Achille Messac

Surrogate-based Particle Swarm Optimization for Large-scale Wind Farm Layout Design

Ali Mehmani, Weiyang Tong, Souma Chowdhury, Achille Messac


Samy Missoum

Reliability-based Design Optimization of Nonlinear Energy Sinks

Ethan Boroson, Samy Missoum


Mariana Moretti

Design of Functionally Graded Piezoactuator for transient reponse by means of gain velocity feedback control through Topology Optimization Method (TOM)

Mariana Moretti, Emílio C. Nelli Silva


David J. Munk

Aerothermoelastic Structural Topology Optimisation for a Hypersonic Transport Aircraft Wing

David J. Munk, Gareth A. Vio, Grant Steven


Daisuke Murai

Shape Optimization by using Reaction Diffusion Equations

Daisuke Murai, Atsushi Kawamoto, Tuguo Kondoh, Tadayoshi Matsumori


Michael Muskulus

Topology optimization of a jacket structure for an offshore wind turbine with a genetic algorithm

Johan Henrik Martens, Daniel Zwick, Michael Muskulus


Tomohiro Nagano

Robust shape optimization method for shell structure with unknown loadings

Tomohiro Nagano, Masatoshi Shimoda


Yoshiaki Nakazawa

Robust topology optimization of thin plate structure under concentrated load with uncertain load point

Yoshiaki Nakazawa, Nozomu Kogiso, Takayuki Yamada, Shinji Nishiwaki


Yusuke Naritomi

Shape optimization for minimizing the KS function of von Mises stress using shape derivative of domain integral type

Yusuke Naritomi, Hideyuki Azegami


Rahmetalla Nazzeri

Assessing sensitivities of maneuver load alleviation parameters on buckling reserve factors using surrogate model based extended Fourier Amplitude Sensitivity Test

Rahmetalla Nazzeri, Frank Lange, Matthias Haupt, Christophe Sebastien


Donghong Ning

Parameter optimisation design for a six-DOF heavy duty vehicle seat suspension

Donghong Ning, Haiping Du, Weihua Li


Shinji Nishiwaki

A level set based topology optimization method for micropump design utilizing induced-charge electro-osmosis

Ryuta Tanaka, Kentaro Yaji, Takayuki Yamada, Kazuhiro Izui, Shinji Nishiwaki


Takafumi Nishizu

Damage Detection Method in Non-Destructive Testing Based on Topology Optimization and Eigenvalue Analysis

Takafumi Nishizu, Akihiro Takezawa, Mitsuru Kitamura


Bin Niu

On objective functions of minimizing the vibration response of continuum structures subjected to external excitation

Bin Niu, Xiaomeng He, Rui Yang


Lise Noël

Damage process sensitivity analysis using an XFEM-Level Set framework

Lise Noël, Pierre Duysinx, Kurt Maute


Yuki Noguchi

Level set-based topology optimization for the design of a wave motion converter in an acoustic-elastic interaction system

Yuki Noguchi, Takayuki Yamada, Masaki Otomori, Kazuhiro Izui, Shinji Nishiwaki


Yoojeong Noh

Comparison Study of Statistical Modelling Methods for Identifying Distribution Types

Youngjin Kang, Yoojeong Noh, O-Kaung Lim


Tsuyoshi Nomura

Simultaneous Optimization of Topology and Orientation of Anisotropic Material using Isoparametric Projection Method

Tsuyoshi Nomura, Ercan M. Dede, Tadayoshi Matsumori, Atsushi Kawamoto


Ryota Nonami

Study on Optimization for Large Structures using Hybrid GA

Ryota Nonami, Mitsuru Kitamura, Akihiro Takezawa


Julian A. Norato

A geometry projection method for continuum-based topology optimization of frames with member length constraints

Julian A. Norato, Bryan K. Bell, Daniel A. Tortorelli


Sebastian Nørgaard

Topology optimization of unsteady fluid flow patterns using the lattice Boltzmann method

Sebastian Nørgaard, Boyan Lazarov, Ole Sigmund


Jacob Oest

Gradient based structural optimization with fatigue constraints of jacket structures for offshore wind turbines

Jacob Oest, Lars Christian Terndrup Overgaard, Erik Lund


Hyunseok Oh

Statistical Model Calibration of Lifetime Models with Failure and Censored Life Testing Data

Hyunseok Oh, Hsiu-Ping Wei, Bongtae Han, Byeng D. Youn


Makoto Ohsaki

Optimization of flexible supports for seismic response reduction of long-span structures

Makoto Ohsaki, Osamu Iwatsuki, Yuji Miyazu, Seita Tsuda


Toshiki Okamoto

Layout optimization of electromagnetic actuators for deformable mirror devices

Toshiki Okamoto, Takayuki Yamada, Kazuhiro Izui, Shinji Nishiwaki


Masaki Otomori

Level set-based topology optimization for the design of optical hyperlens

Masaki Otomori, Kei Uenishi, Takayuki Yamada, Kazuhiro Izui, Shinji Nishiwaki


Narayanan Pagaldipti

Sensitivity and Optimization of Responses from Nonlinear Analyses

Narayanan Pagaldipti, Shaobin Liu, Raphael Fleury


Ajit Panesar

Design optimization for multifunctional 3D printed structures with embedded functional systems

A. Panesar, D. Brackett, I. Ashcroft, R. Wildman, R. Hague


Keunhyoung Park

Distributed NSGA-II for seismic retrofitting optimization with multi-core PC cluster

Keunhyoung Park, Hyo Seon Park


Niels Leergaard Pedersen

Optimization of contact stress distribution in interference fit

Niels Leergaard Pedersen


Daniël M.J. Peeters

Structural approximations for composite optimisation

Daniël M.J. Peeters, Mostafa M. Abdalla


Rodney Owen Persky

Robust Design and Optimisation of a Radial Turbine within a Supercritical CO2 Solar Brayton Cycle

Rodney Owen Persky, Emilie Sauret, Andrew Beath


Renato Picelli

Topology Optimization considering design-dependent Stokes flow loads

Renato Picelli, William Martins Vicente, Renato Pavanello, Fred Van Keulen


Nicoló Pollini

Minimum-cost topology and sizing optimization of viscous dampers for seismic retrofitting of 3-D frame structures

Nicoló Pollini, Oren Lavan, Oded Amir


Xiaoping Qian

Continuous adjoint based topology optimization of a constrained thermal-fluid system

Xiaoping Qian, Ercan M. Dede


DongChen Qin

Conceptual Design of Box Beam Based on Three-dimensional Topology Optimization

Dongchen Qin, Peng Du, Qiang Zhu, Junjie Yang


Dongchen Qin

Simulation and Optimization of MPV Suspension System Based on ADAMS

Dongchen Qin, Junjie Yang, Qiang Zhu, Peng Du


Kepeng Qiu

Optimization design of artificial electromagnetic metamaterials with perfect wave absorption

Kepeng Qiu, Shuqi Feng, Fuli Zhang, Weihong Zhang, Zijun Liu


Palaniappan Ramu

High reliability estimation using CVaR+

Palaniappan Ramu


Saranthip Rattanaserikiat

Topology Optimization of Truss and Frame Structures Considering Constructability Costs

Mu Zhu, Saranthip Rattanaserikiat, James K. Guest


Suzanne Roberts

Electromagnetic levitation coil design using gradient-based optimization

Suzanne Roberts, Schalk Kok, Johan Zietsman, Helen Inglis


Susana Rojas-Labanda

An efficient second-order SQP method for structural topology optimization

Susana Rojas-Labanda, Mathias Stolpe


Robert Thomas Rudolf

Reduced Order Simulation Surrogate for Wind Turbine Component Design

Robert Thomas Rudolf


David Ruiz

Optimal Design of Piezoelectric Transducers

David Ruiz, A. Donoso, J.C. Bellido


Takanobu Saito

A study of optimization for automotive parts and structures by using inertia relief

Takanobu Saito, Jiro Hiramoto, Toshiaki Urabe


Akira Saito

Elastic Moduli Identification Method for Orthotropic Structures based on Vibration Data

Akira Saito, Yasunari Nishikawa, Shintaro Yamasaki, Kikuo Fujita, Atsushi Kawamoto, Masakatsu Kuroishi, Hideo Nakai


Ruben A. Salas

Topology Optimization Applied to the Dynamic Design of the Laminated Piezocomposites Structures (LAPS) Used for purposes of Energy Harvesting

Ruben A. Salas, Emilio C. N. Silva, J. N. Reddy


Masayoshi Satake

Shape optimization of waveguide cut-off filter

Masayoshi Satake, Hideyuki Azegami


Yuki Sato

Exploring the Pareto frontier in level set-based topology optimization

Yuki Sato, Kazuhiro Izui, Takayuki Yamada, Shinji Nishiwaki


Kiichiro Sawada

Topology optimizations of soft elastic plates for seismic response control of building structures

Kiichiro Sawada, Tsubasa Yamashita And Takumi Goto


Kiichiro Sawada

Topology optimizations of structures with inverse Fourier transform and real coded GA

Kiichiro Sawada


Markus E. Schatz

Optimization of laminated structures considering manufacturing efforts

Markus E. Schatz, Horst J. Baier


Simo Schmidt

On the integration of tuned multi-mass dampers into a topology optimization method for machine tool structural dynamics

Christian Brecher, Simo Schmidt, Marcel Fey


Axel Schumacher

Combining state of the art meta-models for predicting the behaviour of non-linear crashworthiness structures for shape and sizing optimizations

Axel Schumacher, Christopher Ortmann


Tao Shi

Integrated Optimal Life Cycle Design of Super Tall Buildings with Viscous Dampers

Xin Zhao, Tao Shi


Jin-Xing Shi

Shape Optimum Design of Graphene Sheets

Jin-Xing Shi, Masatoshi Shimoda


Xue-dao Shu

Design and optimization of billet structure about High-speed Rail bearing in cold rolling

Xue-Dao Shu, Ji-Dong Ma, Jie He, Bao-Shou Sun,Wen-Fei Peng


Xiaofang Shui

Simultaneous Optimization of Stiffeners Distribution and Sizing using Two-Level Approximations and Genetic Algorithm

Shenyan Chen, Xiaofang Shui


Ole Sigmund

On the optimality of Michell structures

Ole Sigmund, Niels Aage, Erik Andreassen


Ole Sigmund

Topology Optimization of compliant mechanism design using a constraint on the maximum stress

Daniel Milbrath De Leon, Joe Alexandersen, Jun Sergio Ono Fonseca, Ole Sigmund


Emílio Carlos Nelli Silva

Design of Laminar Flow Machine Rotor By Using Topology Optimization Method

Luis Fernando Nogueira De Sá, Juan Saenz Romero, Emílio Carlos Nelli Silva


Hemant Kumar Singh

Many-objective Optimization in Engineering Design: Case Studies Using a Decomposition Based Evolutionary Algorithm

Hemant Kumar Singh, Tapabrata Ray


Christopher James Smith

Layout optimization of components suitable for additive manufacture

Christopher Smith, Matthew Gilbert, Iain Todd


Tomasz Sokół

On the numerical optimization of multi-load spatial Michell trusses using a new adaptive ground structure approach

Tomasz Sokół, George I.N. Rozvany


Xueguan Song

Reliability based design optimization for high-strength steel tailor welded thin-walled structures under crashworthiness

Xueguan Song, Guangyong Sun, Qing Li


Michael Stingl

A New Algorithm for the Optimal Design of Anisotropic Materials

Michael Stingl


Baoshou Sun

Optimization of Process Parameters for Three-roll Skew Rolling Based on Design of Experiment (DOE)

Baoshou Sun, Guangxing Huang, Wenfei Peng, Xuedao Shu, Lu Wang


Guangyong Sun

Reliability-based design optimization of vehicle front-end structure for pedestrian lower extremity protection

Guangyong Sun, Xiaojiang Lv, Jianguang Fang, Xianguang Gu, Qing Li


Katarzyna Tajs-Zielinska

Optimization of structural topology using unstructured Cellular Automata

Bogdan Bochenek, Katarzyna Tajs-Zielinska


Norio Takeda

Surrogate Models for Data-Inspired Reliability Design

Norio Takeda, Tatsuya Kameyama


Akihiro Takezawa

Porous metal by topology optimization and additive manufacturing

Akihiro Takezawa, Makoto Kobashi, Yuichiro Koizumi, Mitsuru Kitamura


Sriram Tammareddi

Robust Multiobjective Optimization of Coronary Stents

Sriram Tammareddi, Guangyong Sun, Qing Li


Xin Tang

Speed dependent optimisation for variable stiffness vehicle suspension

Xin Tang, Weihua Li, Haiping Du


Sawekchai Tangaramvong

Structural Optimization under Complementarity Constraints

Sawekchai Tangaramvong, Francis Tin-Loi


Carl-Johan Thore

Large-scale robust topology optimization under load uncertainty

Carl-Johan Thore, Erik Holmberg, Anders Klarbring


Liyong Tong

Elimination of void element influence on optimization for nonlinear compliance with a buckling constraint using moving iso-surface threshold method

Liyong Tong, Quantian Luo


Vassili Toropov

Adaptive sub-space metamodel building for large-scale MDO problems with disparate discipline attributes

Jonathan Ollar, Vassili Toropov, Royston Jones


Scott Townsend

Engineering Negative Refractive Index Materials via Topology Optimization

Scott Townsend, Shiwei Zhou, Qing Li


Quang Dat Tran

Topology Optimization of Underwater Acoustic Lenses

Quang Dat Tran, Gang-Won Jang, Hyu-Sang Kwon, Wan-Ho Cho, Seung-Hyun Cho, Yo-Han Cho, Hee-Seon Seo


Emmanuel Tromme

A level set approach for the structural optimization of flexible mechanisms

Emmanuel Tromme, Daniel Tortorelli, Olivier Bruls, Pierre Duysinx


Alexis Tugilimana

Structural optimization of standardized trusses by dynamic grouping of modules

Alexis Tugilimana, Rajan Filomeno Coelho, Ashley P. Thrall


Maxim Tyan

A Flying Wing UCAV Design Optimization Using Global Variable Fidelity Modeling

Maxim Tyan, Nhu Van Nguyen, Jae-Woo Lee


Emiel Anton Van De Ven

Topology Optimization of a Transient Thermo-Mechanical Problem using Material Penalization

Emiel Anton Van De Ven, Evert Hooijkamp, Matthijs Langelaar, Fred Van Keulen


Floris C. M. Van Kempen

Multiphysics design optimization of continuous flow microreactors

Floris C. M. Van Kempen, Matthijs Langelaar, Michiel Kreutzer, Fred Van Keulen


Sandro Luis Vatanabe

Design of acoustic cloaking by using topology optimization and waveguide concept

Sandro Luis Vatanabe, Emílio Carlos Nelli Silva


Vu Truong Vu

Weight Minimization of Trusses with Natural Frequency Constraints

Vu Truong Vu


Eddie Wadbro

Fast evaluation of quasi-arithmetic mean based filters for topology optimization

Eddie Wadbro, Linus Hägg


Mathias Wallin

Topology optimization of geometrically non-linear structures in the deformed state

Mathias Wallin, Matti Ristinmaa


Yifei Wang

A Direct Optimal Control Strategy for Valves in Heat Exchanger Networks and Experimental Validations

Yifei Wang, Qun Chen


Hong Wang

A Multi-objective Docking Method in Drug Molecular Design

Ling Kang, Hong Wang, Junfeng Gu, Quan Guo


Boping Wang

Adjoint Methods of Sensitivity Analysis for Lyapunov Equation

Boping Wang, Kun Yan


Hu Wang

CAD/CAE integrated reanalysis assisted optimization system for vehicle design

Hu Wang, Enying Li, Guanxin Huang, Guangyao Li


Bo Wang

Diverse Competitive Designs for SIMP-based Topology Optimization

Bo Wang, Yan Zhou, Yiming Zhou


Yonghu Wang

Experimental and numerical study of water impact investigations for aircraft crashworthiness analysis

Yonghu Wang, Shu Dongwei, Y. Fujii, A. Takita, R. Araki, Hu Wei


Lilin Wang

Life Cycle Vibration Sensation Rate Evaluation Model for the Optimal Human Comfort Design of Super Tall Buildings

Lilin Wang, Yimin Zheng, Tianyi Yu, Xin Zhao


Bin Wang

Likelihood of buckling mode interaction in shape optimisation of manufacturable cold-formed steel columns

Bin Wang, Benoit P. Gilbert, Hong Guan, Lip H. Teh


Hu Wang

Manifold multi-surrogate assisted firefly global optimization

Hu Wang, Fang Ye, Enying Li, Guangyao Li


Michael Yu Wang

Optimal Design and Evaluation of Cantilever Probe for Multifrequency Atomic Force Microscopy

Jiandong Cai, Qi Xia, Yangjun Luo, Michael Yu Wang, Li Zhang


Bo P. Wang

Optimal Design of a Parallel Beam System with Elastic Supports to Minimize Flexural Response to Harmonic Loading

Bret R. Hauser, Bo P. Wang


Longyan Wang

Optimal design of wind farm layout and control strategy

Longyan Wang, Md Rifat Shahriar, Andy Tan, Yuantong Gu


Wensheng Wang

Reduced super beam based approach to finite element model updating of beam-type structures

Wensheng Wang, Haojie Wei, Zhonghua Hou


Dong Wang

Sensitivity Analysis of Structural Response to External Load Position

Dong Wang


Peng Wei

A Parameterized Level Set Method with Polygonal Finite Elements in Topology Optimization

Peng Wei, Glaucio H. Paulino


Fabian Wein

Optimal material distribution for an unsaturated flow problem

Marc Avila, Michael Stingl, Fabian Wein


Alemseged Gebrehiwot Weldeyesus

On Solving Large-Scale Free Material Optimization Problems

Alemseged Gebrehiwot Weldeyesus, Mathias Stope


Daniel Nicolas Wilke

Design optimization of multi-point constraints in structural analysis

Daniel N. Wilke, Schalk Kok


Jinglai Wu

A new high-order polynomial surrogate model using sequential sampling method

Jinglai Wu, Zhen Luo, Nong Zhang


Zongyu Wu

A RBF neural network modeling method based on sensitivity analysis and Pareto law

Zongyu Wu, Yong Chen, Wen Yao, Xiaoqian Chen


Di Wu

Interval buckling analysis of steel structures using mathematical programming approach

Di Wu, Wei Gao, Francis Tin-Loi


Qi Xia

A level set method for the representation of multiple types of boundaries and its application in structural shape and topology optimization

Qi Xia, Michael Yu Wang, Tielin Shi


Liang Xia

Multiscale structural topology optimization

Liang Xia, Piotr Breitkopf


Yi-Min (Mike) Xie

Topology Optimization for Conceptual Architectural Design

Yi-Min (Mike) Xie


Fenfen Xiong

Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization on Graphical Processing Unit with Application to Trajectory Optimization

Qi Wu, Fenfen Xiong


Kentaro Yaji

Level set-based topology optimization using the lattice Boltzmann method considering two-phase fluid flows

Kentaro Yaji, Takayuki Yamada, Masato Yoshino, Toshiro Matsumoto, Kazuhiro Izui, Shinji Nishiwaki


Takayuki Yamada

Optimum design of periodic microstructures for minimal dispersive effects in wave propagation

Takayuki Yamada, Grégoire Allaire, Kazuhiro Izui, Shinji Nishiwaki


Makoto Yamakawa

Validation of robust design with the k-th order statistics by structural reliability index

Makoto Yamakawa, Makoto Ohsaki


Shintaro Yamasaki

Applications of a consistent grayscale-free topology optimization method to industrial design problems

Shintaro Yamasaki, Atsushi Kawamoto, Tsuyoshi Nomura, Kikuo Fujita


Koetsu Yamazaki

Earing Minimization with Segmented and Variable Blank Holder Force during Deep Drawing Process for Circular Cup Forming

Koetsu Yamazaki , Shinya Makino, Jing Han, Hiroaki Uchida


Jun Yan

Concurrent Multi-scale Optimization of Composite Frame Structure

Jun Yan, Zunyi Duan, Guozhong Zhao


Kun Yan

Topology optimization of plate structures subject to initial excitations for minimum dynamic performance index

Kun Yan, Gengdong Cheng


Deqing Yang

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Sound Radiation from Underwater Double Cylindrical Shell Structure

Deqing Yang, Guilian Yi, Jiapeng Cheng


Yang Yang

Topology Optimization of Structures under Random Excitations

Yang Yang, Mu Zhu, Michael D. Shields, James K. Guest


Wen Yao

A mixed uncertainty analysis algorithm based on limit state surrogate and interval grouping strategy

Wen Yao, Xiaoqian Chen, Yong Zhao, Jian Zhang


Wen Yao

An active subspace approach to multidisciplinary robust design of small satellites

Xingzhi Hu, Xiaoqian Chen, Geoffrey T. Parks, Wen Yao, Pranay Seshadri


Hongling Ye

Plate/Shell Topological Optimization Subjected to Linear Buckling Constraints by Adopting Composite Exponential Filtering Function

Hongling Ye, Ning Chen, Peize Shao, Yunkang Sui


Guilian Yi

A TIMP Method for Topology Optimization with Displacement and Stress Constraints in Multiple Loading Cases

Guilian Yi, Yunkang Sui, Byeng D. Youn


Guilian Yi

Geometric Feature Identification from Topology Optimization Results

Guilian Yi, Byeng D. Youn, Nam H. Kim


Yohei Yokosuka

Structural Optimization for Stabilized and Stiffened Structural System by Tension Members

Yohie Yokosuka, Toshio Honma


Kazuo Yonekura

A topology optimization method for a flow field using the lattice Boltzmann method considering wall boundary conditions

Kazuo Yonekura, Yoshihiro Kanno


Minho Yoon

Isogeometric configuration design optimization of elastic structures using boundary integral equation

Minho Yoon, Seonho Cho


Jaehyun Yoon

Optimal Blade Design of Quad-Rotor Air Vehicle Considering Hovering Thrust and Position Disturbance

Jaehyun Yoon, Jongsoo Lee


Heonjun Yoon

System reliability analysis of piezoelectric energy harvester under various physical uncertainties

Heonjun Yoon, Byeng D. Youn, Heung S. Kim


Gil Ho Yoon

Topology optimization for turbulent flow with RANS model

Gil Ho Yoon


Byeng D. Youn

Model refinement for fracture failure prediction of smartphone LCD with unrecognized blind uncertainty

Hyunseok Oh, Jisun Kim, Jungho Park, Byeng D. Youn, Byung C. Jung


Xiaobo Yu

A new mesh evolution algorithm to enable improved rework shape optimisation of complex 3-D structures

Xiaobo Yu


Kyeong-Soo Yun

Topology optimization of rubber bushing with viscoelastic material

Kyeong-Soo Yun, Sung-Jae Heo, Sung-Kie Youn


Xi Zhan

Parameter Optimization for the Integrated Optimal Design of Super Tall Buildings with Viscous Damping Walls

Xi Zhan, Xin Zhao, Yimin Zheng


Yi Zhang

A Sequential Optimization and Mixed Uncertainty Analysis Method Based on Taylor Series Approximation

Xiaoqian Chen, Wen Yao, Yiyong Huang, Yi Zhang


Siliang Zhang

Adaptive multi-point sequential sampling methodology for highly nonlinear automotive crashworthiness design problems

Siliang Zhang, Zhengchao Song, Guohong Shi, Rongying Qiu


Weisheng Zhang

An explicit feature control approach in structural topology optimization

Weisheng Zhang, Xu Guo, Wenliang Zhong


Yan Zhang

Design and optimization of a variable stiffness composite laminate

Yan Zhang, Fenfen Xiong


Mingzi Zhang

Manufacture-Oriented Design Optimization for a Flow Diverter Stent Using Lattice Boltzmann Method and Simulated Annealing

Mingzi Zhang, Hitomi Anzai, Bastien Chopard, Makoto Ohta


Weigang Zhang

Multi-Parameter Optimization Study on the Crashworthiness Design of a Vehicle by Using Global Sensitivity Analysis and Dynamic Metamodel

Weigang Zhang, Yang Zhang, Tao Ma, Ting Tang


Yiming Zhang

One-dimensional Function Extrapolation Using Surrogates

Yiming Zhang, Nam H. Kim, Chan-Young Park, Raphael T. Haftka


Jian Zhang

The Integration of Explicit and Implicit Models in Topology Optimization

Jian Zhang, Xu Guo, Weisheng Zhang, Wenliang Zhong


Dequan Zhang

Time-dependent system reliability analysis method based on the outcrossing rate

Dequan Zhang, Xu Han, Chao Jiang, Qing Li


Xiaopeng Zhang

Topology optimization of piezoelectric structures subjected to transient dynamic loads

Xiaopeng Zhang, Zhan Kang


Jiaxin Zhang

Topology Optimization of Truss and Frame Under Geometric Uncertainties

Jiaxin Zhang, James K. Guest, Michael D. Shields


Zhongpu (Leo) Zhang

XFEM Based Topology Optimization of All-Ceramic Structures for Enhancing Fracture Resistance

Zhongpu Zhang, Shiwei Zhou, Eric Li, Wei Li, Michael Swain, Qing Li


Junpeng Zhao

A new method for maximum dynamic response topology optimization in the time domain

Junpeng Zhao, Chunjie Wang


Xin Zhao

Optimization of wind-induced acceleration of super tall buildings by modal shape updating

Xin Zhao, Xiang Jiang


Wei Zhong

Topology and sizing optimisation of integral bus chassis with the use of a cooperative coevolutionary genetic algorithm with independent ground structures

Wei Zhong, Ruiyi Su, Liangjin Gui, Zijie Fan


Mingdong Zhou

Achieving minimum length scale in topology optimization by geometric constraints

Mingdong Zhou, Boyan S. Lazarov, Fengwen Wang, Ole Sigmund


Ming Zhou

Lattice Structures for 3D-Printing

Ming Zhou, Michael Bogomolny, Raphael Fleury


Yuqing Zhou

Multi-Objective Topology Optimization of Composite Structures Considering Resin Filling Time

Yuqing Zhou, Kazuhiro Saitou


Kemin Zhou

Topology Optimization of Truss-Like Continuum under Uncertain Load

Kemin Zhou


Ping Zhu

Multidisciplinary optimization on auto-body lightweight design using modified particle swarm optimizer

Zhao Liu, Ping Zhu, Wei Chen, Ren-Jye Yang


Jun Zou

A Sensitivity-based Coordination Method for Optimization of Product Families

Jun Zou, Wei-Xing Yao, Jun-Feng Zheng