Fifteenth Australiasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, Sydney, 2004
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Fifteenth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference

13-17 December 2004

University of Sydney, NSW, 2006, AUSTRALIA

Batchelor Lecture

Prof. Robert Antonia, University of Newcastle, Australia
Small scale turbulence: how universal is it?

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Herbert Huppert, University of Cambridge, UK
Gravity currents in nature and industry
Prof. Timothy David, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Biofluid dynamics simulation, a 21st century challenge
Prof. Javier Jiménez, Universidad Politécnica, Madrid, Spain
Computing turbulent channels at experimental Reynolds numbers
Prof. Richard Morgan, University of Queensland, Australia
The use of expansion tubes for the study of reentry aerodynamics

Invited Speakers

Prof. Gus Nathan, University of Adelaide, Australia
Effects of subtle and dramatic changes to initial conditions on a jet's turbulent structure, mixing and combustion

Prof. Ross Griffiths, Australian National University, Australia

The energetics of horizontal convection

Prof. Kazuyoshi Takayama, Tohoku University, Japan
Medical application of shock wave research

Prof. Hiroshi Kawamura, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Very large-scale structures observed in DNS of turbulent channel flow with passive scalar transport

Prof. Jae Min Hyun, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Korea
Spin-up flow of an incompressible fluid

Dr Guy Metcalfe, Energy and Thermofluids Engineering, CSIRO, Australia
Back to the sandbox! Driven granular flows for segregation and mixing

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