Test 2

Try to solve the problems first and see if the answer you have chosen is correct. For detailed explanation click on Explain button.

1. What is the unit vector along the line A-B, if the Cartesian coordinates of point A are (5,0,3) and the Cartesian coordinate of point B are (0,5,5)?

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-0.68i  + 0.68 j   + 0.272k                      -5i + 5 j + 2k                Explain

2. If the magnitude of a vector G along the unit vector u (above question)  is 7 mm, how do we write this vector?

4.763i  + 4.763 j   - 1.905k                      -4.763i   + 4.763 j  + 1.905k            Explain


3.   What is the projection of vector F = 3i + 5j + 8k along the unit vector u in question 1.

3.536                           -2.04i  + 3.4 j  + 2.174k                              Explain


4.  The screw eye in the figure at the left is subjected to two forces F1 and F2.  Determine the magnitude and direction of the resultant force.

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The resultant force has a magnitude of 250 N and is directed 47.5 degrees from the horizontal.

Magnitude of 213 N and is directed 54.8 degrees from the horizontal.



5.   In the following figure, if the force acting from A to B is given by 12i+9j-8k, what are the Cartesian coordinates of points A and B?

test5.GIF (4606 bytes)

( 2, 0, 3.765) and (7.647, 4.235, 0)                         (2, 0, -8) and (12, 9, 0)                               Explain



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