DS3V Program for General Three-Dimensional Flows

The above flows are among the pre-set examples that can be chosen in the demonstration version DS3VDEM of Version 1 of the DS3V program.

Download the compressed executable DS3VDEMZ.EXE (875 KB)

This is a free download and a password is not required for the execution of the program.

The DS3V program features an interactive visual interface and integrated three-dimensional displays of the results that remove the need for any post-processing of the output. For example, three-dimensional views such as those shown above can be manipulated by simple mouse manipulations.

The program incorporates automatic cell adaption to a specified number of molecules per cell, nearest-neighbor collisions, variable time steps, and the sampling may be for continuing unsteady or eventually steady flows. The options offer surface and gas phase chemical reactions and there are a number of special boundary conditions that include non-uniform flows, periodic boundaries, constant pressure boundaries, moving surfaces, and a number of molecule file input options.

Version 2 does not require the specification of any computational variable other than the initial number of megabytes to be used. The data files are different from those for Version 1, but the surface definition files DS3SD.DAT remain valid if 1 is added as a new first line.

Download the compressed executable DS3VZ.EXE (1530 KB)

The current release is 2.6.03 dated June 5, 2008. When run, the files DS3V.EXE, DS3VD.DAT and DS3SD.DAT are produced. These can be placed in a directory and run as a tutorial/demonstration case. The DS3DG.EXE file for the generation of surface definition files is also produced. This should be placed in a separate directory with the sample triangle file DS3TD.DAT.

Download the October 2006 user manual DS3VMAN.PDF (3269 KB)

Further enquiries should be addressed to Graeme Bird at [email protected]