Using DS2V Program to create Quicktime Movies of Flows

The movies are produced in a post-processing mode from files that are produced whenever the flow is specified as a "continuing unsteady flow". The earlier versions saved bitmap files for only one flow flow property and a new run was required if a movie was to be made for a different flow property. Movies that show a wide selection of flow properties can now be made from the files produced by a single run.

A sample movie SHOCK.EXE that shows an argon shock wave moving into a wedge shaped cavity can be downloaded. This is a self-extracting compressed file that produces SHOCK.QT. This can be viewed with the free QuickTime viewer. The compressed file is 10.5MB and this expands to 92.7MB, but CLICK HERE TO DIRECTLY VIEW A LOW QUALITY MPEG THAT IS ONLY 0.22MB!

The data file that was used for the calculation (about 20 hours on an average PC) can also be downloaded as DS2VD.SHOCK. This should be renamed to DS2VD.DAT and the run can then be duplicated. Alternatively the data file can be modified to make shock diffraction calculations for other geometries, gas compositions, and surface conditions. The surfaces in this calculation were specularly reflecting, but the data is readily modified to make the reflection diffuse. The free QuickTime viewer can be upgraded to PRO at a low cost to edit and combine movies, add titles and soundtracks, or produce an MPEG as above.

Further enquiries should be addressed to Graeme Bird at [email protected]