The Visual Wind Tunnel DSMC demonstration program is restricted to the number of simulated molecules that permit real-time animation of the moving molecules to illustrate selected two-dimensional and axially symmetric flows at the molecular level. Version 1 of the program (DSMC.EXE) was produced when typical CPU's ran at the order of 100 MHz and it employed about 4,000 simulated molecules at a screen resolution of 640x480. This program runs far too quickly on modern PC's and Version 2 (DSMCS.EXE) employs about 16,000 simulated molecules at SVGA resolution (800x600). This is best for computers around 200-400 MHz, but the latest PC's run at 600-800 MHZ and can just cope with about 64,000 molecules at 1024x768 (XGA) resolution. This Version 3 (DSMCX.EXE) further extends the Knudsen number range to the near-continuum regime and the program now allows user-specified relaxation rates for the internal degrees of freedom. More importantly, the number of molecules is now sufficient to allow sampling and display of the macroscopic flow properties and a new window has been added for flooded flow contours. This version should suffice until processor speeds exceed 2 Ghz.

The downloaded program DSMCXZ.EXE is a self-extracting compressed executable that produces the DSMCX.EXE program file.

Download Version 3 of the real-time Visual Wind Tunnel program (257KB)

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