The Visual Wind Tunnel DSMC demonstration program is restricted to the number of simulated molecules that permit real-time animation of the moving molecules to illustrate selected two-dimensional and axially symmetric flows at the molecular level. Version 1 of the program (DSMC.EXE) was produced when typical CPU's ran at the order of 100 MHz and it employed about 5,000 simulated molecules at a screen resolution of 640x480. This program runs far too quickly on modern PC's and this Version 2 (DSMCS.EXE) employs about 20,000 simulated molecules at SVGA resolution (800x600). The Knudsen number has been extended towards the continuum regime and the program now simulates diatomic and polyatomic gases as well as monatomic gases.

The downloaded program DSMCSZ.EXE is a self-extracting compressed executable that produces the DSMCS.EXE program file.

Download Version 2 of the real-time Visual Wind Tunnel program (251KB)

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