Test 1

Try to solve the problems first and see if the answer you have chosen is correct. For detailed explanation click on Explain button.

1. Which of these coordinates is NOT a right handed system?

righthanded.jpg (13663 bytes)

  c and d                 a and b                   Explain


2. Prove that the summation of square of direction cosines is 1.


3. If the cartesian coordinates of point A are (6,6,7), what is the vector connecting point O to point A in the following figure:

rectangular.gif (2844 bytes)

-6i - 6j - 7k           6i + 6j + 7k            Explain


4. If A=[2,3,4] and B=[6,4,1], then what is the vector connecting point A to point B

4i + j -3k                 4i + j +3k                Explain

5. Is the vector connecting point A to point B is the same as the vector connecting point B to point A?

No               Yes              Not sure      


6. If vector r is defined by  -3i+6j-k, what is the unit vector along r?

unit.jpg (7486 bytes)

-i + j - k               -0.442i   + 0.885 j - 0.147k               Explain




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